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The Magnificent Book of Kites is a comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to kite design, construction, and flight. It  covers kite flying basics,
aerodynamics, kite safety, tools and materials. The construction and the history of the kite from its origins to computer design is also discussed.   Includes 35 specific construction projects. Complete with 1,500 illustrations, diagrams & photos.

Maxwell Eden's:
"The Magnificent Book of Kites"
--always recommended.

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  Some of the Books we carry:

The Magnificent Book of Kites
  Maxwell Eden Revised 1998 edition.
Intermediate to advanced kite plans. Designs for over 50 kites, from simple to make projects to more challenging, award winning, dazzling flying sculptures . Some plans for Eddies, Sleds,Winged Boxes, Kaleida-kite, Stone Mountain Kite, Parafoil, Rokkaku, Roller, Hewitt Flexkite, Yakko Stack, Fighter Kites, Deltas, Rotor, Pterosaur,and Tetrahedron. Our favorite!

  Kites For Everyone
  Margaret Gregor 1984.
A great beginner to intermediate kite building book. Designs include: Sleds, Bullets , Squares, Eddies, Dragons, Deltas, Boxes, Facets, and Flowforms,. Plans are also given for windspinners, wind socks, drogues, parachutes, and kite bags. Good classroom projects.
  More Kites For Everyone
  Margaret Gregor 1990
Detailed instructions for seventeen kites ranging from simple Sleds, Deltas, and Eddies , to more complex Facet and Starbox Kites.
  The Tao of Kiteflying
  Harm van Veen 1996
How do kites fly? What are the secrets of their stability? The Tao of Kiteflying answers these questions and more. Clear writing, precise diagrams, and humorous sketches . This book will help save you time, money, crashes and disappointments in kitemaking and flying.

  Rokkaku Kite Chronicles and Training Manual
  Reprint from Kite Lines 1991
A great manual covering all the milestones that have appeared in Kite Lines magazine. How to fight a Rokkaku battle by Rick Kinnard; Plans for building Rokkakus by Mel Govig and Lincoln Chang; Bevan Brown's original Challenge that started it all; and much more.



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