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The new No.1.  The standards in spinnaker fabrics have been re-defined.   Combines unprecedented strength, performance and quality from the sailcloth company you can trust, Bainbridge International.

It's all about usability.  Sailmakers have long recognized the performance benefits of lighter weight spinnakers, but have had to pay the price in terms of reduced strength and poor shape retention.  Essentially this excluded the majority of sailors from using the latest fabrics.

AIRX is different.  The design brief was to develop fabrics of comparable weight but ground breaking performance.  Fabrics that would allow Grand Prix sailors to use lighter sails higher up the wind range, cruising sailors to have spinnakers that would last longer and club racers to use lightweight sails that are far less likely to blow out or tear.

The latest weaving and finishing technology has been utilized in an exhaustive development program.  First, new and unique constructions were designed by Bainbridge fabric engineers.  High quality nylon yarns were then selected for weaving on state of the art looms.   Finally, a new process was developed to provide a water repellent, zero porosity, stable and durable finish.

Compared to comparable weight products, all AIRX fabric features class leading strength and performance.  So whatever the type of sailing (or kiting) you enjoy and whatever it is you are looking for from your sail, lighter weight, better stability or greater strength, AIRX will give you better performance.


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With performance and strength that shames many generic 0.75oz products, AIRX-600N is ideal for medium wind range spinnakers despite being classed as a generic O.5oz.  Insisting on AIRX-600N provides O.5oz performance in reaching spinnakers and running sails capable of withstanding unprecedented wind strengths.

As a generic 0.75oz product, AIRX-700N sets new standards in a market that demands excellence in a variety of applications, from Grand Prix racers looking for ultimate performance, to cruising sailors expecting outstanding durability.  AIRX-700N delivers both, in class leading quantities.


More strength, less stretch and unrivalled quality provide you with higher performance, more durable and better value spinnakers.  That's the AIRX promise.
Unparalleled strength efficiency
Class leading warp and fill performance
Exceptional bias stability
Consistently high quality
New ultra water repellent, zero porosity finish
Excellent durability
Reduced shrinkage
Exciting new colours

The true finished weight of sailcloth is measured in grams/m2 or Sailmakers ounces/yard.  More often sailmakers and sailors quote a generic weight such as 0.7Soz.  Historically this is derived from the cloth weight before it goes through a finishing process.  Nowadays it is used to describe a generic group of similar finished weight products and does not actually correspond to a specific cloth weight.  In practice the variation from the lightest to the heaviest product in a generic weight group makes almost no difference to performance.  If your class rules define a minimum weight your sailmaker will know the precise finished weight of all AIRX products.


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