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Kite Studio recommended Spray Glues

An indispensable item for doing appliqué on kites and banners. Number 75 is an adhesive similar to the glue on the back of a yellow post it note - temporary and repositionable. Spray this onto Oaktag Pattern Paper to help hold the ripstop flat and secure. Sometimes we even spray this glue right onto our light table.

Number 77 is a high tack adhesive - not permanent but a lot stronger than #75. We use this stronger spray glue when appliquéing a lot of small pieces or a single large section. When spray gluing 200 denier nylon, #77 works best. Paint thinner or rubber cement remover (Bestine) can be applied to remove excess and/or to release glued fabric for relief cutting.

Design Master Tack 1000 is our newest spray glue and probably our favorite in the shop. A little stickier than #74, but not as tacky as #77. A good compromise between the two and a little bit cheaper.

Use only in a well ventilated area!

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How Do I use Spray Glue?
When adhering two pieces of ripstop, apply a LIGHT coat of spray glue to only ONE piece!  Before you stick the two pieces together, wait.  Now this is going to sound odd, but wait until the glue dries.  After drying, it will still be sticky! If you feel you need more tack, apply another LIGHT coat and wait for it to dry again.   Now this is key.... Usually you use spray glue in appliqué.  And it is used as a temporary tack while you are sewing.... a lot of the fabric will eventually be cut away.  Think ahead, spray glue only the fabric that you will be cutting away... you see..... when you let the glue dry before you stick the pieces together, the glue will stay on the sprayed piece.  It will stick to the other, but the glue remains on the sprayed piece... as long as you let it dry first. So......... if you think ahead, and if you are smart, when cutting away the appliqué, you will also be cutting away the glue.  Nothing will remain to clean up!

How do I remove Spray Glue from my ripstop nylon?
In our shop, the solvent of choice is Bestine, mostly because it easily removes all adhesive and it evaporates quickly. However, the solvent I usually use is regular old paint thinner - mostly because it is always here and it is cheap. I've never witnessed it harming the fabric's coating. Although, sometimes I find when using thinner, I have to go over the fabric twice to get off all the glue..... but this usually happens only when I use too much spray adhesive!  The secret is in the application of the spay glue...


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