Q. Do you have, or know of, a relatively simple, good flying kite plans that these children can make as an in class project? You know, paper, glue, sticks, string, etc. This would be a project that a craft or art teacher would supervise and could be completed in a day or three.

A. Have you checked out the "simple kite plans" listed under the Plans Section at ?   The American Kitefliers Association also publishes a book called "Kites in the Classroom" that has a lot of simple kites. And, if you want further simplicity, we carry a pack of 50 Tyvek Sled kite kits that kids can put together with wood spars, decorate, and fly.  20 for $45.00.

I was wondering when the best time would be to call to place a small order?

A. Well, first of all, no order is too small. It seems like I am here 24/7 but the best time to catch me at my desk is Monday- Friday: 1-5

Those hours seem limited, but In reality, I'm around A WHOLE LOT LONGER than that. I do a lot of work from my home office and transfer calls around to follow me. The hours above is my time scheduled in the store office. But please realize, during those hours I also work with people coming into the store, so sometimes I do not answer right away - so please leave a message and I WILL call you back.

As we approach kite flying season, we often close on weekends to attend events. so please call first if you are planning a visit.

Phone: 610-395-3560

Q.Which brand of spectra are you selling? Is it Spectra 1000 or Spectra 2000?

A. Both Spectra's have basically the same strength but the Spectra with the heavier yarns are classified as Spectra 1000, while thinner lines are classified as 2000. Kite Studio carries Spectra 2000 .  Let me know if you are interested...

Q. Well I am a beginner at kite building, sort of. I've tried to build kites in the past and been mildly successful (stick and paper). I want to learn more. I have a sewing machine. That is about it. What do I need to build? Please give details about tools, fabric, spars, and connectors.....or plan sets.

A. Have you looked throughout our website at ? Be sure to visit out online FORUMS for plans, construction details, and product information.  There are also many plans in the "Plans Section" that will give details on the types of kites you want to build. There is also a lot of advice in the "Tech Sheet" section. If you are looking for a book, I suggest "The Magnificent Book of Kites" by Eden Maxwell. We always have these in stock. Let me know if you are interested... the cost is $17.99 plus shipping.

Q. I have a question in general about
the fabrics you sell. Could you please describe the difference between "first quality" and "seconds". I'm assuming the two are related in the form of comparison. I'm also assuming this is the same comparison to "Grade A" and "Grade B". Am I correct in that assumption? Normally I wouldn't care much, and would just buy straight away First quality, but I have a kite design that will be pretty large coming up this winter. It'll be in the area of about 60 yards worth of material, probably more based on the fabric width. So could you give a brief description of the differences between the two, and if you think "seconds" would be good to use for LARGE expanses of solid colors.

A. In a nutshell. grade A is basically perfect..... and D is "least" perfect. However, on a roll of any grade it is quite possible that you will see NO flaws at all..... Your chances of seeing a flaw are just increased the further down the alphabet you go. In all cases, if there is a flaw at all it is "cosmetic" only. i.e. creases, stains, varying dye, or even a smashed fly. All cloth is usable and most often you can cut around a blemish if present. We sell ALOT of seconds and I can count on my left hand the number of times fabric has been returned. You'd be surprised at how many kites are manufactured with second quality fabrics...

Q.I am looking for something to make a mock weapon out of, it will actually strike with force, but it will be padded with about 1"on all sides. I am looking for the lightest thing possible, a lot of people are using kite spar, and graphite golf club shafts

A. I sell thousands of spars to that market. Most often they use the RET505 for single handed weapons and the RET610 for the two handed weapons. If you want the specs on these rods, go here: