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Hello kitebuilders! Staying warm?  Due to yesterday’s storm on the US east coast, I had to close the shop for two days; it takes a while to dig out of the city.  But for you, it means it has been PERFECT weather for kitebuilding.  Fagettabout snow shovels and ice scrapers, turn on the sewing machines! 

Tomorrow I am scheduled to appear at the Maryland Kite Society’s winter retreat in Ellicott City, MD.  Seems it always snows for this event.  I remember a couple years ago everyone was stranded an extra two days while we waited for the governor to open the interstate.   Hopefully this weekend will be uneventful, except of course from events of the retreat itself.    I look forward to meeting Janneke Groen from the Netherlands. Janneke is well known throughout Europe for her beautiful kites and banners, and her trademark is the application of her designs onto distinctive Japanese ‘sode’ or kimono kites.  Should be a great weekend.

I haven’t sent a newsletter out for a while so I need to thank all of you for a successful 2009.   I am looking forward to another good year in 2010. I hope the production problems that some of our suppliers were experiencing last year get corrected so we can get our inventories back to where they belong.   In case you have not been following the announcements on our webpage and forum, my father has been ill the past couple months and is still in the hospital.   He is the guy who makes all the custom parts that you order…. So the machine shop has been pretty backed up lately.   I can make all the stuff he creates, but it takes me a bit longer to figure out all the specs and jigs.  Please keep my old man in your thoughts; we all hope he is back in the workshop soon.  

Let’s see…. What else?   Just a couple items to bring to your attention:

Its that time of the year again.  Time to decide the forums’ Kite and Kitebuilder of the year.  You can find more information in the CONTEST section of the forum: http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=28 

Review all the kites that were nominated, we have a great bunch this year.  AND a great bunch of kitebuilders.   In my opinion, all of them deserve recognition.   To review the reasons why each builder was nominated, click HERE. 

If you are a member of our forum, PLEASE email your votes ASAP. Deadline is February 21, 2010. 
You can send your votes to steve@kitebuilder.com

Phil Broder (editor for AKA’s  Kiting) started a thread on the forum describing all the great articles in the next issue of Kiting Magazine.   As usual, the thread took a couple turns and evolved into an AKA membership drive.   Cliff Quinn further spurred activity by offering to sponsor a promotion: “any current kitebuilder.com forum member who sign's up for an AKA membership for the "first" time in the next 2 weeks will get a Free yard of ripstop in their next order.”  I expanded it by co-sponsoring and extending the offer to the end of February 2010.  

So come on kitebuilders, AKA need some help this year.   For less than a buck a week you can support the association that supports your hobby.   You can sign up here:  http://www.aka.kite.org/mbrship.shtml  Just be sure to include ‘kitebuilder.com’ as your referral and I will be sure to include a FREE yard (or two) of ripstop in your next order.   

I will even ask you to do this: build ONE less kite this year. Buy $40.00 LESS from Kite Studio this year and send the money to AKA. Join one year for me. If you do, I will also give you 10% off your regular Kite Studio purchases for the next 12 months. 

Go ahead, I dare ya...... double dare ya...... triple dare ya.

Check out our on line auctions.  As of today, there are seven great kites up for bid.  Stringdriver is doing some house cleaning.   View all items here: http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/auction_sitemap.php

Our 0.6 ounce polyester closeout special continues. But there are only FOUR colors left! 

Hot Pink 
Hot Orange 

Width is 44 inches 
Grade is First Quality 
Ripstop grid pattern is rectangular, approximately .375" x .750" 

Sale Price is $4.25/yard.  If you buy a full 100 yard roll, the price drops to $3.75.

In addition, we have sample packs available for $75.00. Each sampler contains a total of 20 yards made up of the assorted colors that remain in stock.  If you order today, you will receive five yards of four colors.   As colors sell out, I will adjust the yardage of the remaining stock to total 20 yards.  This is is a great fabric for kitebuilding... compared to nylon, polyester has less stretch, less absorption, and higher UV resistance. Poly used to be sold at a price much higher than nylon... but not today, not at kitebuilder. Add some to your collection before it is gone.  More information HERE

Have you seen our kitebuilder merchandise?  Cool hats, shirts, and stickers.  Warm sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. Check out this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TESWnn_wMo

Get your gear HERE

In my continuing effort to reduce costs without sacrificing service, I decided to discontinue our toll free 800 phone line... BUT you can still contact me via telephone for free! 

Check out the new service on our main web page. I added a new google voice service. Just click on the icon, enter your info, and we will be connected through your telephone for free*. 

You will also notice a new phone number that is very easy to remember.... 


You can call that number direct and I will answer during normal business hours: m-f, 9-5 est.   Area code 360 is in Washington State, so I am giving some of my west coast customers an additional saving.

Our east coast number, 610-395-3560 will continue and of course, you can always email me at steve@kitebuilder.com Answering email in a timely fashion is a constant struggle for me but I am trying to improve.  If your questions are long and/or urgent, please use the phone.  Try out the new free service.

The 800 number will probably be disconnected sometime mid august. Please adjust your contact list. 

* The “Google Voice” free service is only available within the US. If you're using a cell phone, your normal use of cell plan minutes applies.

If you would like to discover additional kite festivals and building retreats, be sure to check our website link below. Forum members post events all over the world:  http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=21

Are you a member of facebook?  There is a growing community of kiters…  One of the greatest benefits to working at Kite Studio and kitebuilder.com, is that I consider most all my customers friends.  I don’t think there are many professions where the same can be said.  Anyway, I am on facebook… just look for my name: “Steve Ferrel”.  

That’s all I have for now, got to finish packing for the MKS retreat.  I will be back in he shop on Tuesday February 16.   Have a great Valentines Day.

Go build a kite!


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