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Within the pages of the kitebuilder.com  Knowledge Base,  you will find a selection of links to many excellent plans made available for free by generous individuals, kite clubs & businesses.

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is a fully searchable, interactive "encyclopedia" created by, and existing for, the the kitebuilder.com community. We archive kite plans and reference information, and YOU can contribute.

Do you have a plan that you would like to include in the Knowledge Base?  Quickly add it by filling out this FORM. If you need a place to host the plan, contact Steve - he will create a page for you... for free.


Get your kite building questions answeredMORE INFO: Our forums are your source for inspiration, motivation, and congratulation.  Considered by many to be "The best kite building forum on the planet"




Go Build a Kite!Feel like making something but not sure what to build? 

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Kite SuppliesKite Studio is a specialist supplier of all the materials you need for building kites and banners. We stock ripstop and oxford nylon, graphite, fiberglass, aluminum, line, fittings, notions, tools, and many other hardware items. Most of our customers build Kites and Banners with our materials, but our market has expanded into Radio Control (RC), Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Weapons, Stage and  Set Design, Fabric Architecture, and many other custom projects.



Looking for a kite project? Our online workshops are a great place to start.  Each class was taught by a well known and experienced kitebuilder from our forum.  Over the course of several weeks, students were instructed on the design, construction, and completion of each kite.   Everything is documented online, even the question and answers. Great fun for beginners and experts... I guarantee you will learn something new.  Go build a kite today!
Bill Wilson taught a three week class on Fled Kite...

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Robert Van Weers taught a five week class on the Achtkant Train...

Click HERE for more information
Terry Thillmann taught a four week class on the Delta Conyne...

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Dave Ellis taught a five week class on Lil Genki...

Click HERE for more information
Scott E. Spencer taught a  six week class on the #54 Star Facet...

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Arnold Stellema taught a five week class on Della Porta...

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