Buddy Randolph
Huntsville, Alabama USA


Here are the Waldof Box Kite pictures I mentioned on the phone today. This kite flies easily in light wind, but is a wild beast in strong gusts (three days later, scared the 4-year-old).  Live and learn… I’ll use more discretion when picking flying days for this one from now on, and will experiment with the bridle attach point.  I’m sure a change of angle would change the lift, which was clearly excessive in the strong wind.  That’s the plan for another day, because the conditions were too challenging for an amateur like me to do anything but wrestle it down and back into the vehicle, grateful and surprised that nothing broke.

Buddy Randolph shows off his Waldorf Box
Debbie with Waldorf Box Your materials worked really well.  The fabric “seconds” were, as you described, indistinguishable from first quality for our purpose.  I appreciate your generous allowances on the fabric amounts, and the surplus provided material for a kite storage bag complete with two inside pockets for spare dowels and the hub.  We did substitute a grosgrain ribbon for the edge binding, partly because of the shipment delay [from the vendor] and partly because my wife felt the material received was too heavy to match the ripstop.  I’ve kept the ribbon in mint condition and will get it in the mail to you tomorrow.

By the way, I sent an email to Tony describing the crude way I machined the aluminum hub for this kite.  I figured to at least get some ribbing from a real machinist but haven’t heard anything.

Kitebuilder.com is great – thanks again.

Buddy Randolph
Huntsville, Alabama

Hey Buddy, great looking Waldorf! Yes, the kite might not look like a strong puller on the ground but there is a lot of cloth in that kite - meaning a lot of lift! I am a big fan of primary colors and the way you used them is very effective. I bet it looks real cool when the light hits it just right, combining colors, and giving the kite a whole new dimension.

On this kite the
edge binding would have been okay in some areas, but yes, as you say, it is overkill to edge the whole kite with it - especially the 1" that you ordered and it is no problem to return it. I like to use this light weight webbing in areas where there is a lot of stress and where stretch is a concern. We often see the 1/2" and 3/4" on the edges of mid to large sized foils and flowforms. We've also seen it used on the edges of large Cody's where there is a lot of tension in the sail.

Be on the lookout for a response from the Old Man, he's not real quick on the keyboard (he's much faster on the phone and with a pencil), but he will get back to you. Dont worry about getting beat up on your hub! lol, It works right? - that is most important!

Thanks again for your letter and the positive feedback on kitebuilder.com. Keep me posted on your next project.


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