Achtkant Train

Achtkant Train

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Plan Title
Achtkant Train
Author of Plan
Robert Van Weers
Plan Location
Forum Discussion
Flat, Train/Centipede
Brief description of this plan
“Achtkant” is a Dutch word meaning “eight sided”. A fitting term for a simple and yet, in my opinion, majestic looking kite. This kite has been designed by a well known Dutch kite builder and designer named Harm van Veen. It was quite some time back, in the late eighties or early nineties I believe. What I do know however is that it was first published in the early part of 1991 in the Dutch kite magazine “Vlieger”. It was Robert’s pleasure to bring this kite back in to the limelight and give it a small but awesome twist. Harm has published a large number of kites that are simple in terms of construction and “makkie” [easy] kites as they are sometimes referred to is no strange term for most Vlieger magazine readers. In saying that, he has also published a book, one of several, with some great looking specimens that are very unique in regards to design and are quite complex to build.
Comments about this plan
This project was’s fifth online kitebuilding class.
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