Eddy Arch

Eddy Arch

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Eddy Arch
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Doldrums Kite Club
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The kite arch is made up of around 20 or more diamond shaped kites, using a single flying line as the cross spar for each kite.
Comments about this plan

When sewing the line onto the kite skin, be sure to pull the line taut as you sew. When finished, the kite skin should have some wrinkling along the line. This is a good thing because the line stretches in flight. This means that when the line stretches, the kite skin will flatten out. If you do not stretch the line as you sew, and there is no wrinkling on the skin, then when the line stretches in flight, you risk having the skin being ripped apart due to the line wanting to stretch, but there is no give in the skin.

Surveyors tape makes good tail material. Cut lengths of tape from several different colors of tape, and then use a good fiber-reinforced sticky tape to tape the lengths together. Cut a small slit in the tape and slid over the spar.picture

See also

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