Lil Genki

Lil Genki

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Lil Genki
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David Ellis
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Forum Discussion
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  • This little kite is my version of a Genki variation developed by Fred Broadhead in England. It was published in the Australian Kite Association newsletter where I found it. I call my version Lil Genki.
  • I wanted to stress using materials that one can find at the local builder supply, or hardware store. Much of the materials came from a large discount house, as well.
  • I wanted this kite to be a light wind flier, so I kept it as light as possible, steering away from over building, and reinforcing. It is not intended to hold up to everything, but it does a fairly good job of it, anyway.
  • This kite allows physical modifications quite well. I have made about a dozen different kites, using the same wing template.
  • The kite does require a tail. It will also tolerate a wide range of wind speeds. However, a fiberglass spar should be considered if you plan to fly in winds over 15 mph. Info added by Kiteguy
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