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Dave Wadeson
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The Pacman kite is a totally soft kite that uses internal lines (as used in hot air balloons and other inflatable structures) to keep its shape. It is a relatively simple kite to make, and should take around 3–4 days of leisurely building! The kites size (3m diameter) has been chosen to make the most efficient use of 1.5m wide ripstop material.
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The kite is quite easy to construct if you have prior knowledge of parafoil or other soft kite construction. If this is your first soft kite you might want to read some other soft kite plans to be sure you know what you are doing, as I have not attempted to produce an absolute beginner’s guide. Don’t let me put you off though – what’s the worst that can happen?? – you will have the fanciest windsock on the kite field!!
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