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Dave Wadeson
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Forum Discussion
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The Line Foil is identical to a regular Jalbert parafoil except internal lines are used in place of material ribs. The internal lines are evenly spaced throughout the kite. The kite is bridled to fly totally flat. There has been no attempt to introduce any curvature in the form of anhedral or dihedral in either spanwise or longitudinal directions by means of differential internal line spacing to the top and bottom skins, or by the introduction of non-parallel diagonal internal lines or additional internal lines between the evenly spaced internal lines. The Line Foilís air intake has an even depth across its entire width. The kite flies well, at a relatively high angle of attack, but relies upon a large tail to generate drag and prevent typical parafoil related instabilities.
Comments about this plan
This plan is not aimed at complete kite making beginners, and therefore does not contain any detailed constructional guidelines. If you have never made a parafoil type kite before I suggest you read the building guidelines for similar kites that can be easily found scattered around the net!
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