Bowed Kites

Bowed Kites

Bowed Kites:

“The lifting surface is a single plane, usually a simple geometric shape. The surface is bowed, decreasing surface area and increasing drag for improved stability. Diamonds, Eddys, Genkies, Rokkakus, and Edos, are all examples of Bowed kites. “

Poster Genki

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Page Plan Title Category Difficulty
00022 Dopero Bowed 3
00028 Lil Genki Bowed 2
00029 Low Aspect Ratio "Bug Buddy" Bowed 3
00031 Rokkaku - 6 foot Bowed 3
00035 Urban Ninja Kite Project Bowed, Fighter, Multi Line, Other 3
00066 Mallard - 1 Bowed, Cellular/Dimmensional, Figure 4
00068 Mallard - 2 Bowed, Cellular/Dimmensional, Figure 4
00069 Pfeil-Ente Bowed, Cellular/Dimmensional 4
00070 Sanjo Rokkaku Bowed 3
00075 Eddy Kite Bowed 3
00076 Bat Bowed, Figure 3
00082 Genki - 10 foot Bowed 3
00086 Fled Bowed, Flat 2
00094 Card Trick Bowed 3
00102 Flare Bowed 2
00103 L'Oiseau Bird Kite Bowed, Figure 3
00107 Micro Edy Bowed, Miniature 2
00117 Candle Kite Bowed, Figure 4

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