Figure Kites

Figure Kites

Figure Kites

“The shapes of these kites represent persons, animals, or other objects. Examples of such representations include kites depicting birds, fish, serpents, and people. The figure represented by the kite should be discernable to knowledgeable observers. Kites whose surfaces are decorated with pictures or representations of persons, animals, or other objects are not considered to be figure kites.”

Cliff Quinn

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Page Plan Title Category Difficulty
00018 Fire Bird Delta, Figure 3
00064 Dragon Figure 5
00065 Seagull Figure 3
00066 Mallard - 1 Bowed, Cellular/Dimmensional, Figure 4
00068 Mallard - 2 Bowed, Cellular/Dimmensional, Figure 4
00076 Bat Bowed, Figure 3
00078 Swallow Figure 3
00089 Umbrella Kite Figure 4
00103 L'Oiseau Bird Kite Bowed, Figure 3
00104 Robby Figure, Soft/Flexible 3
00117 Candle Kite Bowed, Figure 4

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