Ground Display

Ground Display

Ground Display

Plans for things the ground that are not kites. Feather Flags, Balls, and other Inflatable Shapes are examples of Ground Display items.

Kiwi Banners
Kiwi Banners

Photo Album:

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Available Plans:

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Page Plan Title Category Difficulty
00007 Bubble Machine Ground Display, Other 3
00047 Spike Ground Display 3
00048 Easy Bol Ground Display 2
00049 MAKR Bol Ground Display 2
00050 4 Foot Bol Ground Display 2
00051 Rotating Ring or Bol Ground Display 3
00052 12 foot Bol Ground Display 3
00053 Spiked Bol Ground Display 3
00054 24 Pannel Rotor Ground Display 2
00055 Rotor with Tubes Ground Display 3
00071 slim rotor Ground Display 3

11 items found

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