Miniature Kites

Miniature Kites

Miniature Kites

“Miniature kites are usually smaller than 8″, fly on 18″ of line, and typically fly best indoors. Don’t be fooled by size however, some of these kites are more difficult to properly build than their full size big brothers.”

Glenn Davison has done a lot of work with miniature kites, he has been a friend and customer for many years. Check out his webpage here:

Photo Album:

Looking for new building ideas? In addition to the plans below, you can scroll through our photo album of projects made by our customers: click here
(For inspirational purposes only. We don’t encourage copying!)

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00105 Cocktail Napkin Kite Plan Flat, Miniature 2
00106 One Piece Micro Cody Cellular/Dimmensional, Miniature 2
00107 Micro Edy Bowed, Miniature 2

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