Multi Line Sport

Multi Line Sport

Multi-Line Sport Kites

“These are kites that use more than one flying line to launch the kite into the air and to control its flight patterns. These kites are designed for the purpose of making high-performance maneuvers in flight.”

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Page Plan Title Category Difficulty
00012 Batman Multi Line 3
00017 Croissant De Lune Multi Line 3
00030 Peter Powell Kites Multi Line 3
00035 Urban Ninja Kite Project Bowed, Fighter, Multi Line, Other 3
00041 Ariel Multi Line 3
00042 Black and White Multi Line 3
00043 Double V 100 Multi Line 3
00044 Papillon Fighter, Multi Line 3
00045 4-Brut Multi Line 2
00046 Zero-4 Multi Line 3
00056 Aeroplane Multi Line 4
00080 Freedom 2000 Multi Line 3
00081 Le fluid Multi Line 3
00083 Thornback Multi Line 3
00084 Orange Multi Line 3
00085 Duo d'Arc Multi Line 3
00088 Le Quartz Multi Line 4

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