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Knowledge Base:
This is a cool feature of It is a fully searchable, interactive Wiki created by, and existing for, the the community. It is basically a kitebuilders’ encyclopedia that archives information on all things related to kitebuilding; including Kite Plans and Reference Information.

The Wiki grows every day as more information, is added by kitebuilders all over the world. With time, this Knowledge Base, coupled with the Kitebuilder Forums, will evolve into the premier source for kitebuilding information.
Enjoy! ~ Steve Ferrel

Searching and Viewing:
Type a “search-term” into the box above. If the Wiki does not find any information related to that search term, you can start a page yourself. If you are not satisfied with the search result, you can add your own knowledge (text, images, links) to the page in question.

Adding your knowledge and images:
Adding information to the knowledge base is easy. You must be a registered member of the Kitebuilder Forum and currently logged into the forum. Then, all you have to do is click the ‘edit’ or ‘add’ button and make your changes or additions. As you type your information, if there is anything you think warrants an additonal page, put the words in double brackets [[***]]. Even if you don’t add information to the page, someone else will. This is the power of the Wiki - everything is related, with an easy way to relate them.

Basic editing and formating tips can be found here. Information on how to add images can be found here. Experiment with editing pages in the Wiki Sandbox. You can also carry out editing experiments by editing the page itself and using the Show Preview button. Be careful not to accidentally save the page though! If you do, then Restore your changes by clicking on the Page History tab.

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