There have been a number of discussions about banners in our great forum over the years.

Here are a couple of great threads that detail some different banner styles and building tips.


Curved top Banners i.e. Feather banners Curved Top Banners

Banner Puzzle questions from Kiteguy Banner Puzzle

Kelvin’s Feather Banners Feather Banners Good discussion on pole sleeve tapering and diamonds

Good one from CJQ about what fabric to use for banners Banner Material Weight

Penguin Banner discussion Penguin Banners


telescopic Poles - a good discussion about how to protect the fiberglass Telescopic poles

What height telesopic poles do you use for your banners What size pole?

Banner pole end caps.. keep ‘em or not.. What works best for keeping the rubber end caps…

Anchoring banner poles - a good thread including some funny, but true, ways of getting an anchor in the ground Anchoring banner poles

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