bur·ri·to (boo-‘reet, tow)


 pl. bur·ri·tos

1. A flour tortilla wrapped around a filling, as of beef, beans, or cheese.
2. The name of the final step to sew the final cell closed on a cellular kite.

Forget the food.

When closing the final cell on an open-faced cellular kite/foil, the seam should be pointed inside the kite. The process to create this final seam is called the ‘Burrito Roll’.

In order to position the kite so the final seam is easy to sew, the kite must be inside-out. To do this, roll the assembled kite into the last cell (the tighter the better) and pull the end closure rib/panel over the roll. The final pieces of fabric are wrapped around the rolled-up kite. The final seam is sewn on the outside of the kite, and then the rolled-up kite is pulled right-side-out…

KiteMonger’s “How to Put Together a Flow Form Type Kite”

Burrito Roll in the KB album

planish (John Rose) is given credit for naming the process to pull the kite right-side-out: It’s official name is: Everting the burrito.

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