Double Face Tape

Double Face Tape

Double Face Tape

Acrylic Based Adhesive - Mylar Carrier. 1/4″ width. High quality double sided tape for general fabric seaming. Good initial tack, low stretch, non-yellowing. Our most economical tape.

3M Super Seam Tape. 3/8″ width. When used properly, our Super Seam Tape can eliminate sewing. Many builders claim tape is better for the sailcloth, particularly on film laminates and nylons where stitching can tear through the cloth.

C3 Sailtape is a uniquely formulated adhesive that eliminates the need to sew ripstop nylon panels together. Designed to build high peel and sheer strength, the initial tack level of C3 permits seams to be lifted and reset during the seam sticking process to assure smooth, flat seams. After a short period, C3 bonds with the spinnaker material for a permanent, flexible seam that is unaffected by moisture and sunlight.

C3 is designed not to shrink and simulates the stretch of the fabric so the seams do not appear tight when the kite is fully loaded. It is a cost effective alternative to sewing.

Further Reading:

“3M 9460PC, is an adhesive transfer type adhesive that was featured in the winter/spring ‘95 Kite Lines Magazine. The article was written by Dick Curran of Puyallup, Washington. It featured various techniques to join ripstop nylon without sewing with this tape. To quote Dick in Kite Lines (winter/spring 1995): “While adhesive bonding generally isn’t faster than sewing, it has other advantages. It withstands shock loading better, as when a gust hits your kite sail. It spreads the load evenly along the seam, preventing load concentrations at spars and bridle points. This is especially helpful with light materials.”

Download the entire magazine here:

The above article begins on page 29

Additional information in the forum here:

One of our customers, Dick Maciel, specializes in kitebuilding without sewing and created his own website devoted to the topic. Check it out here:

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