Instrumented Ligature Knot

Instrumented Ligature Knot

Please see the Ligature Knot? page for what a Ligature Knot is and is used for.

The following directions are for how to tie it using hemostats.

Here is what a finished ligature knot looks like. The ligature knot, often misnamed the surgeons knot, is a variation of the square knot where the first half of is looped twice instead of once. Look at the photo above and you will notice there are two crossings of the line in the first part of the knot and only one on the second half of the knot.

The reason for this is to add more friction between the threads so the first half will not untie it’s self before the second half of the knot can be tied, and you don’t need a third finger to push down on……

The instrumented ligature knot is tied with the aid of an instrument. I normally use a pair of hemostats with large eyes to fit my sausage like fingers. The pair I use in this example also have padded eyes. They have been coated with vinyl in the factory.

Where do you get hemostats? For the expensive ones, look at medical or veterinary supply houses. Expect to pay $25 to over $75 for them as they are FDA approved medical devices. They will be made in the USA or England.

For ones that work and cost MUCH less and are usually made in Pakistan, look at the sewing store in the notions department or near where they sell sergers. Serger owners use them to hold the needle while putting them in the machine.

Sporting goods stores sell them for use as hook removers or in the fly tying section, this is where I found the padded ones with large eyes as some sportsmen apparently also have sausage like fingers….

I will be demonstrating using a piece of line pushed thru a cardboard box as the photos I took of thread I could not see what was going on, so I chose this method for demonstration purposes. I do wish I had some line in this size in diffrent colors for this demonstation, but none was on hand…

The photo above represents the back of my kite with the top thread pulled thru the fabric to the back of the kite.

Wrap one thread around the hemostats AWAY from myself, that is to say I start with the thread between myself and the hemostats and I wrap twice starting away from my body.

Open the hemostats

Grab the other thread with the hemostats

Pull it thru the first two loops.

Make sure the ends of both threads are free and tighten up the first half of the knot.

Take the thread on the right and wrap around the hemostats TOWARDS yourself, that is to say the hemostats are between myself and the thread and make one loop around the hemostats.

I open the hemostats; grab the other thread with the hemostats

Pull it thru the second half of the knot which is one loop.

Pull it tight and you have now made an instrumented ligature knot.

For extra holding power Kitesquid normally adds an extra bight.

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