Kite Animation

Kite Animation

Kite Animation:

Dan Kloss (sp?) is a well known kitebuilder who has won many awards with animated kites. The majority of his animated kites were based on the quad line type. (Similar to the Revolution) The animation was provided by the kite pilot. This made the kite character “walk”, “jump”, etc.

Mr. Chen Zhao Ji is an AKA Grand Champion and is well known for meticulously crafted kites with moving parts. Some more info has been discussed on the forum here:

Kitefreak recieved a video from a friend, Henk breedland. He is from the breedland deltas. He made a box kite with flapping wings. I do not know how it’s done but it looks great.

Use this link to see this video and push on the red word hier by happy edy.

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