Line Laundry

Line Laundry

I have been spending a couple of years working with inflatables, and line laundry. I have a series of what I call Line Dancers.

These have been done quite a lot on the eastern side of the Atlantic. Dave Gomberg has a version for sale, now. He has added spikes to the body.

Here is a video of a smaller prototype I made using the 12 facet ball shape. The others I have made had gores, similar to a beach ball.

I have since made one that is about 9 ft tall. No photos of this one, yet. However, here is a tutorial, of sorts, on how I made the leg and foot for the dancer.

There have been some requests for plans for this line laundry. I did not use any plans to make it. I just saw some photos of the project online. France, I think. Anyway, I just got out some fabric and started whacking to the tune of TLAR.

So, the “plans” can be found in this thread.

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