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One of our customers, Dick Maciel, specializes in kitebuilding With Double Face Tape and created his own website devoted to the topic. Check it out here:

When my wife and I first started kite building, I figured we had to go in separate directions. She is an expert seamstress. I have no sewing experience. I figured that if I tried sewing, I would want to constantly ask for her help, not good for domestic bliss. I built my first kites out tablecloth plastic, welded as described in an old issue of Eden’s KITEWORKS. There was/is a special feeling to see something you have built actually flying. I wanted to do a better, stronger job.

As we went to festivals, I began hearing about using tape and ripstop nylon to construct kites. I bought some and started using it. My only instructions were the descriptions that people had told me about how they used it.. I heard that Sam Houston, an expert in its use, was going to be at the next Nationals. I was really looking forward to meeting him and learning from him. He died shortly before the Nationals.

That was six years ago. Since then I have developed techniques, mostly on my own. I may have invented some. I may just be reinventing the wheel. But one thing I’m certain of is that there is no collection of techniques for kite building that doesn’t use a sewing machine. So here’s my collection of techniques and designs. Use them wherever they are useful. Combining them with sewing techniques may yield even better results. I started this web site in March, 2010. I’ll add to it every time I do a project and get it photographed. There is an article published in Kite Lines Magazine, winter/spring 1995 by Dick Curran, excellently written and worth downloading and reading. You have to join the Kitelines forum to access it.

The construction of this site incorporates many small pictures embedded in the instructional text. Almost every one of those pictures is a link to a larger version of the same photo. Just click on any photo. There is also a gallery of my kites with very brief descriptions. My kites are classic designs with my own graphics and colors. - Dick M.

Find more information about this topic here:

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