Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

The Stone Mountain Kite

Stanfield’s kite was initially created for an endurance contest in Stone Mountain, Georgia — he won.

In 1986, the SM kite was the first up and the last down and set a continuous flight record of 25 hours and 17 minutes. I remember Bobby talking to me about this kite in Bill Tyrells living room one evening. I wish I had a tape recorder during that conversation. It was back sometime in 1989 when I was just getting “into” kitebuilding. Bill and Bob spent the whole night telling me about their adventures and achievements.

When Max Eden’s “Kiteworks” was first printed in 1990, I was surprised to see the plan for Bobby’s kite. My father was also surprised and decided to try building one. This would be his first cellular kite. 1990 was also the time when Kite Lines ran an article on Orcon and doublesided tape. So Dad decided to combine everything into this kite.

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