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Translation Assistant

This is a list of words and phrases found in discussions about kites, flying kites, and building kites. Typically, many of these terms are translated poorly (if at all) by computer-based translation services such as Google Language Tools. The computer translation may be correct in some sense, but may not be what would normally be used in the context of building kites. Many terms, such as product brand names, are the same in all or most languages, and so do not need to be added here.

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English Dutch French German Italian Spanish Turkish Japanese
bamboo Bamboe bambou Bambus Bambú タケ
bridle Toom bride Waage Brida
bungie, bungee elastische koord élastique, sandow Gummiband Resorte/Elástico
carbon fiber, CF koolstof vezel fibre de carbone, FC, FdC Kohlefaser, CFK Fibra de carbono
connector Verbinder
diameter diameter diamètre Durchmesser Diámetro
dihedral kruisstuk dièdre dihedral Diedro
double-sided tape dubbelzijdige tape double face doppelseitiges Klebeband Cinta doble cara
edge binding zomen säumen
end cap einddopje embout Endkappe Tapón
fabric stof tissus Stoff, Tuch Tela
ferrule verbindingsstuk, bus(je) embout, raccord Hülse, Muffe Férrula/Cople
fiberglass, fibreglass, FG glasvezel, glasfiber fibre de verre, FV, FdV Glasfiber, GFK Fibra de vidrio
frame geraamte armature Gestänge Estructura
front voorkant avant Vorderseite Frente
glue lijm colle Klebstoff Pegamento
grosgrain (ribbon) gros grain Band Listón de popotillo/Cinta barra
hem naad ourlet Saum Bastilla
keel kiel dérive, quille Kiel Quilla
kite vlieger cerf-volant Drachen aquilone Cometa uçurtma 凧 , Tako,Dako and seldom: Ika
leading edge, LE voorrand bord d’attaque Leitkante Borde de ataque
left (side) links gauche links Izquiera
line, string draad, lijn ligne, ficelle Leine, Schnur Línea, cuerda
longeron staander longeron Längsstab Larguero
mesh gaas gaze Gaze, Netz Malla
needle naald aiguille Nadel Aguja
nock nok, splitdop Embout fendu Nocke Horquilla
paper papier papier Papier Papel
pattern (for clothing) patroon patron, gabarit (multiple use) Muster, Schablone Patrón
pocket zak, stokhoes poche Tasche Bolsillo
radius radiaal, straal rayon Radius Radio
rear achterkant arrière Rückseite Parte trasera
reel (noun) spoel Spule Carrete
right (side) rechts [zijde] droit, droite rechts Derecha
reinforcement versterking renfort Verstärkung Refuerzo
rod (solid, not hollow) staaf, stok, volstaf baguette Stab Varilla
scale schaal échelle Verhältnis Escala
seam zoom couture Saum Costura
sew naaien coudre nähen Coser
spar staaf, stok baguette Stab Vara
spine middenas baguette principale, baguette centrale Mittelstab Espina
spreader spreider Spreize
stake (as an anchor) grondanker Piquet Bodenanker Estaca
stitch steek point Stich, nähen Puntada
tail staart queue Schwanz Cola
tape (adhesive) plakband ruban adhésif, Scotch Band (Klebeband) Cinta
template mal modèle Schablone, Vorlage Plantilla
tension spanning tension Spannung Tensión
thread draad fil Faden Hilo
Tinkertoy connecteur multiple, connecteur radial Conector radial
trailing edge, TE achterzijde bord de fuite Schleppkante Borde de salida
top bovenkant dessus oben Parte superior
tube (hollow framing) holle buizen tube Rohr Tubo
tubing (flexible hose) (flexibele) slang tuyau Schlauch Manguera
tunnel tunnel tunnel Tunnel Túnel
underneath onder dessous unterhalb Debajo
vent uitlaat, gat ouverture, trou, orifice, Loch, Öffnung, Ventilierung Ventila
velcro klittenband Klettverschluss
wind (moving air) wind vent Wind Viento
wind (onto a reel) opwinden [op een haspel] enrouler aufspulen Enrollar
winder haspel enrouleur Haspel Ovillo/Maneral
windsock windsok manche à air Windsack Manga de viento
wing vleugel aile Flügel Ala
wood, wooden hout, houten bois, en bois, de bois Holz Madera

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