Tony Ferrel (born October 15, 1940) was an award winning builder of cellular kites. He was also the "old Man in the Shop". He ran the machine shop out back and cranked out various fittings held in stock, as well as custom fittings for those special needs kite builders have. His years of experience in electrical engineering allowed him to give a helping hand to the Kite Studio staff in projects ranging from Theatrical Events to Internationally renowned Kite Events. If you had an idea that requires years of know how, then Tony was the man to talk to! Sadly, the old man passed away on February 10, 2012.

Tony was well known for his one of a kind "big kites" which won many, many awards. When time allowed he also created "special kites" by commission. He enjoyed discussing the many aspects of kite design and flight with other kite builders, as well as flying for recreation, and when he had time he treasured his walks on his favorite beach in Avalon, New Jersey.

Major original kite designs include Son of Woodstock, Gliding Angles, Tulsa Points, Monica Turbine, Green Turbine, Ultralight Rotator, Grand-son of Woodstock, Blue Star, Heavenly Bodies & Muncie Rush.


  • 1995-AKA,Tulsa OK - "Tulsa Points"
    Co-op Cellular 2nd Place

  • 1996-Smithsonian, Washington DC - "Tulsa Points"
    Co-op Cellular 1st Place

  • 1996-AKA-Santa Monica, CA - "Monica Turbine"
    Innovative 1st Place
    Cellular 2nd Place

  • 1997-Smithsonian, Washington DC - "Green Turbine"
    Highest Overall Score, Peoples Choice
    Cellular 1st Place

  • 1997 AKA-Wildwood, NJ - "Grandson of Woodstock"
    Cellular 2nd Place

  • 1998-Smithsonian, Washington DC - "Grandson of Woodstock"
    Cellular 1st Place

  • 1999-Smithsonian, Washington DC - "Ultralight Turbine"
    Highest Overall Score
    Cellular 1st place

  • 1999 AKA, Muncie, IN - "Muncie Rush"
    Cellular 3rd Place
  • 1999 through 2001 - Billings, MT Airport
    Featured Kite Artist at the Billings, Montana "Sky, Wind, and World Millennium Kite Exhibit along with 15 other artists from around the world.

  • 2000 AKA, Treasure Island, FL - "Cody Rotator, UL"
    Cellular 2nd Place


    "Kites are to be shared."
    "Having said that, I will never patent one of my kite plans. I will give them away free. Success is a kite field full of kites I designed, but did not build."

    "Continue to create what hopefully are "Unique Kites" and someday I would really like to write a book, if I can ever find the time."

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